Sunday, April 26, 2015

My son's first birthday celebration: not the usual kiddie party

It was an extremely exciting time for me and my husband when our baby boy's first birthday is fast approaching.

He was born on January (2014), and we thought that celebrating his birthday is the best way to start the year with a bang!

You might think that we celebrated it with a usual grand party - complete with a theme, a hilariously huge birthday cake decorated with popular cartoon characters, a compulsory costume for invited kids, party hosts and clowns, balloons, party hats, and loot bags, and all that you can think of for the precious little one's first birthday celebration.

But, no.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

A forest and an adventure park in Dahilayan, Bukidon: A perfect summer destination for the whole family

My family thought of having a summer adventure this year to beat the summer heat. 

We also wanted to bring my son Kodee to a place where he can play. 

With these in mind, we decided to go to Dahilayan Forest Park and Dahilayan Adventure Park.

These two are located in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon in the Mindanao region and are adjacent to each other. These places are perfect for the whole family. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My unexpected kind of love and what you can learn from it

When it comes to romantic relationships, I was very idealistic. I believe we all do until reality suddenly smacks us on the face and then we turn away from the world of fantasies we put ourselves in.

Anyway, if I were to post an ad of the qualities and my requirements of an ideal boyfriend, it would look like this:

Looking for a boyfriend. The candidate must be/shoud have:
* Moreno (Brown skinned)
* Tall - at least 5'7 in height
* Athletic (should play at least one sport, preferably Basketball)
* GREAT sense of humour
* HANDSOME (could not stress this enough)
* Sweet, specifics:

   - should shower me with LOTS of gifts (yes, a CAR can do since I'm not really into jewelry) in EVERY OCCASION i can think of
   - should take me on a fancy date
   - should be fond of surprising me
   - should be proud of me enough to introduce me to ALL of his friends and family

Note: All are non negotiable