Thursday, June 4, 2015

The importance of an Emergency Fund and how it helped my family

When i was young and free with no major responsibilities, I haven't really thought of saving for the rainy days. My mantra was: live for the present. 

I admit, I am really a spender during my younger days. Though I'm aware of the importance of saving, I keep delaying setting aside a portion of my income because every payday, there's always something I have to spend my money on. That was the state of my finances.

Admit it or not, we Filipinos have a bad habit called the maƱana habit, where we decide to do things at a later time. And, I'm guilty of having that. What we don't realize is that the best time to act is NOW. And because of the recent changes in my life, I have come to strongly believe that procrastination will get me nowhere.