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Affordable Bohol Tour Package: Exploring Bohol in 3 days

This vacation happened on summer of 2011. I can't remember the exact dates but it was around last week of April to first week of May. Please note that the package tour rates and inclusions, and other fees and rates in Bohol may have changed over the years.

We were already looking forward to my father's retirement, so we talked about where we could have a grand vacation. It was the best way we could think of to celebrate the moment that we could already spend a lot more time with our father. I'm the eldest child of 3 siblings and even before I turned one, he was already working away from us. He was an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) for more than 5 years before he landed a job in a big company in Manila.

We wanted value for money, beautiful scenery, nature trip and the beach! And we thought that Bohol was the perfect place where we can have it all.

Day 1: Bohol Day Tour
From Cebu, we rode the Weesam Express fast craft to Bohol. It took us around 2 hours to reach Tagbilaran port.

We had our breakfast first at a carinderia (eatery), which fairly served delicious food, before heading to start our day tour.

Chocolate Hills

Our first stop was the Chocolate Hills. It's located in Carmen, Bohol, which is almost an hour away from Tagbilaran City. If you're a nature lover, you will be in awe when you see them and will be amazed of how God has created these.

They have a viewing deck where you can see the amazing view.

Man-Made Forest

You can pass by the man-made forest on the way to Chocolate hills. We made a stop after we went to see the hills. You will enjoy a cool breeze here.

Hanging Bridge

We then went to experience the thrill of the hanging bridge in Sevilla. 

At the other end, they have stalls which sell souvenir items. After briefly checking on them, we ended up buying kalamay instead (Kalamay is a popular delicacy in Bohol).

Loboc River Cruise with buffet lunch

It was around lunch time when we reached Loboc. We hopped in at one of the cruise boats in Loboc which also served a buffet lunch. With this activity, we got to see the beauty of the Loboc river while enjoying ourselves with Filipino food.

Tarsier Watching and Seeing Prony

After a hearty meal, we then proceeded to see the tarsiers and Prony, a famous large python captured in Bohol. 

Note: As heard from the news, Prony (the large python) has already died. You can double check this information.

Baclayon Church and Blood Compact Site visit

Before heading to our accommodation in Panglao, we stopped by at Baclayon Church and the Blood Compact Site.

We all heard the news of the earthquake that devastated Bohol last October 15, 2013. Sadly, it destroyed some of Bohol's historical treasures which include the Baclayon Church. Before this event, we were fortunate to have seen it beautifully whole.

After the whole day activity, we then went straight to where we'll be staying for 3 days - at Alona Studios Hotel in Panglao. It is just a walking distance away from the white sand shore of the island and it has a swimming pool. Our stay there was worth it as their room is spacious, it has a veranda, and they provide a mini refrigerator and a water heater.

Day 2: Island Hopping
Pamilacan Dolphin watching
We woke up early the following day to see the dolphins at Pamilacan. They say, the dolphins usually show up very early in the morning. We were really amazed when we saw them that's why I didn't have the time to take pictures of the dolphins.

Balicasag Island snorkeling

Our next stop was the Balicasag Island to snorkel. The reef was very rich with several species of sea creatures that's why we really enjoyed this activity. The island has cottages so we brought our lunch and had it there.

Virgin Island

We then hopped at Virgin Island and walked around this small island. We also walked at the sandbar and enjoyed the long stretch of white sand and the clear waters.

Day 3: Panglao Island Tour
Panglao Watch Tower
On our last day at Bohol, we toured around Panglao. We first went to Panglao Watch Tower.

Bohol Bee Farm

We then went to Bohol Bee Farm. We checked on the bees they're taking care of, their organic farm, ate a malunggay flavored ice cream, and observed their weaving workers. They also have a restaurant which served organic food and a shop of organic goodies.

Hinagdanan Cave in Dauis

From the farm, we went to explore the Hinagdanan cave. The cave has a lagoon which I believe has made the cave attractive to tourists.

We then proceeded to see Dauis Church and Bayoyoy, the oldest and smallest man in the Philippines. He's said to have a condition called dwarfism.

Before heading back to Cebu, we had our lunch at Ati-Atihan restaurant. It was indeed a value for money trip and a very memorable vacation for the whole family.

Here's the current rates and information on the tour package as copy pasted from the tour operator (Hymnody Jean LuceƱo Bayawa) who accommodated us in Bohol. For faster transaction, feel free to contact her.

Affordable & Amazing Bohol Tour Package
PRICE QUOTATION for 3 days and 2 nights:
* 10 persons & above---- P2,600 per person
* 9 persons ----------------- P25,200.00 or P2,800 per person
* 8 persons ----------------- P23,200.00 or P2,900 per person
* 7 persons ----------------- P21,000.00 or P3,000 per person
* 6 persons ----------------- P19,800.00 or P3,300 per person
* 5 persons ----------------- P19,500.00 or P3,900 per person
* 4 persons ----------------- P17,200.00 or P4,300 per person
* 3 persons ----------------- P14,400.00 or P4,800 per person
* 2 persons ----------------- P12,600.00 or P6,300 per person

other fees not included: Guide going to the marine sanctuary during snorkeling @ Php150/head only


1. hotel accommodation (standard room only)
choose from:
* Muro Ami Beach Resort in Doljo, Panglao (Beach front w/o pool)
* Bohol Plaza Resort in Dauis, Panglao (top hill, non-beach front w/pool)
* Alona Studios Hotel in Tawala, Panglao (w/pool & 5min.walk along the beach)
* Cherrys Home (non-beachfront w/pool)

2. Transportation for the tours and would also include trans-in (from port to hotel) and trans-out (from hotel to port)
3. All entrance fees for every spot
4. Boat fee for sea tour
5. Free snorkeling gear & life vest
6. Free lunch buffet in Loboc River Cruise for your 1st day of tour
7. Tour packages: Countryside tour, Sea tour, & Panglao tour

Day 1: Choco Tour Itinerary 8am-5pm (all spots are closed @ 5pm)
1.Sandugo Blood Compact in Bool
2.Baclayon Church (oldest church) "museum not included"
3.Biggest Captured Python Snake in Albur
4.Tarsier Watching in Loboc
5.Loboc River Cruise with lunch buffet
6.Hanging Bridge in Sevilla
7.Man-Made Forest
8.Chocolate Hills in Carmen

Day 2: Sea Tour Itinerary 5am-4pm
1.Dolphin Watching
2.Snorkeling in Balicasag
3.Island Hopping in Virgin Island

Day 3: Panglao Tour Itinerary 8am-12pm
1. Dauis Church
2. Bayoyoy the dwarf
3. Bohol Bee Farm
4. Hinagdanan Cave
5. Panglao Watchtower

*only children below 4 years old is free of charge (bed sharing), so 5 years old above will be considered as adult

RATES: For 2 days and 1 night
(Countryside tour & Sea Tour)

a group of 10 persons---- Php25,000 or Php2,500/pax
a group of 9 persons ---- Php22,000 or Php2,445/pax
a group of 8 persons ---- Php21,000 or Php2,625/pax
a group of 7 persons ---- Php20,000 or Php2,858/pax
a group of 6 persons ---- Php19,000 or Php3,167/pax
a group of 5 persons ---- Php18,000 or Php3,600/pax
a group of 4 persons ---- Php16,000 or Php4,000/pax
3 persons ----------------- Php13,000 or Php4,334/pax
2 persons ----------------- Php12,000 or Php6,000/pax

*children below 4 years old is free of charge (bed sharing applies), so 5 years old above will be considered as adult


link to DANAO ADVENTURE PARK------->

terms of payment:
*requires reservation fee to be sent through LBC, Palawan Express Padala, Cebuana Lhullier, Mlhullier, or Western Union.
*down payment is not refundable
*balance should be paid once you arrive in Bohol
*to avoid hassle, please pay your reservation fee in advance

Contact No: 09066917879
e-mail address:

"You can add me up on facebook"
note: meals and airfare/ferry tickets are not yet included

Note: This post is for information purposes only and is based on my own experience. I do not represent any of the companies / products / individuals stated herein.